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The Africans and Friends Peace and Green “MAD” Visionaries of our era, I admire the most.

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“MAD” are not those who have a vision but those who failed to look inward to see their own vision and too blind to see others vision.

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision”

As the Chinese saying, “If two ‘MAD’ people agree to agree that they will rule the world.”

Look at Japan, USA, and the digitized “One World”. It all began with a vision.

Welcome to Africans Peace and Green “MAD” Visionaries Listing site.

In memory of all God’s children who were visionaries from the past and in appreciation of those who are amongst us if not in billions, in millions and those who not only wishful thinkers but DOERS, those with a HEART & CONSCIOUSNESS, who do not sell their soul (What is the difference selling one’s body or mind to make money?) those who walk the walks against all challenges near and afar, most consider ‘MAD’ by those blind to see others vision.

Anyway, as my beloved wife says, visionaries are those burning the candles from both sides, meaning burning themselves so they be light for others to see to access or look inward to focus on a vision of God, Peace, Love, Care, Compassion, Forgiveness within and Green Living.

I here dedicate my story to my uncle, Gashe Abmberbir Mengesha of Addis Ababa University, my other mentor other than my late mother Tewabu and my grandmother who still teaches me, an educator and a visionary with a mission to connect the people of America with the people of Ethiopia through books, knowledge transfer and a gift from the heart from the people of America to the people of Ethiopia by extension to the rest of Africa.

• H.E President Girma W.Giorgis of Ethiopia, the father of Greening Ethiopia, a visionary, a dear friend and a supporter from his heart and someone who gave me a chance to listen about my vision for Peace and Greening Ethiopia and the rest of Africa to have Ethiopians and other Africans and friends (The Africana Family & Friends) to join hands as One Human Family for a Peace, Safe & Green Africa, America and the world for our children and children’s children.

• Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Park, President Kennedy, Booker T. Washington, H.I.M (His Imperial Majesty, Kwame Nkrumah, President Mengistu Hailemarim, PM Melese Zenawi, President Barack Obama, President Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley, all Peace and Green Makers, Steve Jobs most left us and visionaries like Bill Gates and the FB young man who changed the world for ever but their vision still amongst us (R.I.P)

• Ehet (Sister) Margaret Hampton-USA-Ethiopian MAR (HONEY), The Spirit of One Human Family, a TRUE HUMAN BEING who does not think she is “White” and I am “Black” but HUMAN BEINGS FIRST who is of the Spirit of HUMANITY & SPIRITUALITY & ONE HUMAN FAMILY, American, African and non-African spirit of the Heart, Peace, Love, Care & Share, Togetherness, Oneness my other head without one of whom, I would not have to this destination to tell my story.

• Wondim (Brother) Melvin Hardy-USA, a another REAL HUMAN BEING of the highest spirit and our Peace Making local and global leader, my other head who is my mentor of Peace Making and Higher Living;

• Wondim Aklile H.Mariam USA/Ethiopia, the Spirit of Forgiveness, Peace, Love and giving back, our Peace and Green Living LEED certified Buildings leader for Africa.

• Wondm Stan Cottrell Jr. of Friendship (USA), my brother who sees me not in my color as I do not see him in his skin shade either but as a spirit of God, with whom I took a solemn oath to spread the words of God (Gospel) of Peace, Love, Care, Giving, Forgiveness and Bio Farm Living. A man of global peace with a big heart for orphans, my dearest brother in the spirit of God of Oneness & Togetherness, PGIA Ambassador running for Peace and Greening Africa.

• Wondim Yohannes Gizaw-Ethiopia, President Girma’s Greening Ethiopia torch (Green Letter) bearer and member and supporter of PGIA.
“Healing the World”;
Another “Mad” visionary, an activists, a young man with a University salary who continues to plant SEEDS OF PEACE & GREEN on young Ethiopians in thousands as he has been and in millions God Willing with YOUR HELP that I am going to BEG.
His vision is to make Ethiopia as a nation and Africa as a continent an “Oxygen Exporters”.
Please visit him at;

• Wondim (Brother) Tamrat T. Seyoum (Tamemir, Tamiru, the spirit of God’s miracle)-Ethiopia, an Ethiopian young man amongst the many I know and do not know in millions WHO WILL BRING A REAL PEACE, LOVE & GOD’S LAW CHANGE, a visionary of Peace and Natural Laws who has the heart and the intellect to believe that we must learn from our children

• Ehet Dr. Beyenech Tsegaye of -USA/Ethiopia. Beyenech Psychological Services, a visionary with a heart and mind to give back to the motherland, Ethiopia who has been supporting me from the gate go from Fair Trade journey all the way to where I with many and her am, on the Peace Making and Greening Africa coming together to give back.

• Wondim Demelash Neda-Ethiopia , Ethiopian Moses (Mussie) Peace Maker of the highest spirit God gave me to follow from Interfaith Peace Making Initiative-Ethiopia

• Wondim Assaye Niggussie ( and Shir-Shir Ethiopia)-Ethiopia. A Peace, Green, Spiritual, Time & Space Activists, Youth Leader who will lead us on our Peace, Green and Spiritual Time and Space Ethiopian and African Tour.

• Wondim Prof. Suleiman Nyang of Howard University-Washington DC., USA, USA/Gambia, a visionary for ALL HUMAN BEINGS, The Spirit of Humanity & Spirituality an Expert on Black African and Arabs relationships. Dr. Nyang is an advisor to former presidents, law makers and an educator as head of African Studies Dep., whom I relay for advice on many matters especially about us Africans in the Diaspora.

• Wondim Samuel Pieh (USA/Sierra Leon), The Spirit of Universal Brotherhood & Sisterhood, Oneness & Togetherness and a man of God and Life (WATER) expert, a brother God gave me to lean on.

• Tena Qebena team-Ethiopia, The True Spirits of T.E.AM (“Together Everyone Achieves More”)

• Ehet Meseret Agazie- Ethiopia The Spirits of Ethiopian Motherhood of Peace, Love for Children and the Disadvantaged

• Wondim Eskadmas AAlemu- Ethiopia, Green Dev. Advocate and Youth Leader

• Wondim Wale-USA/Nigeria a visionary and our Global Media

• Ehet Meti Tamiru-Ethiopia, my Spiritual Daughter, the finest model in and out, a visionary for REAL FOOD for all human beings to prevent cancer, with a big heart for cancer patients, an advocate, an activists and Peace and Green Fashion advocate

• Wondm Tebebe-Ethiopia, The Green Advocate & Teacher for Better Air

• Wondim Yoftahe Manyazewal-Ethiopia, a Visionary, Youth Leader of the Highest Spirits inspiring me, a young most amazing gift of God to me, reminding me that I can be on my highest spirits to be God like and for me to refuse to hate, angry, greedy and I can Love & Forgive so I be FREE,

• Wondm Dr. Mulugeta Bekele-Ethiopia Organization: Department of Physics, Addis Ababa University with “Synthesis and characterization of organic semiconductors” in the Department of Physics with a vision and a commitment whom we will rely on his knowledge of Solar Energy, golden heart and big head who has given us his ears and heart.
“The most useful asset of a person is not a head full of knowledge but a heart full of love, with ears open to listen, and hands willing to help”

• Wondim Kebede Lakew-Ethiopia, a visionary for “Organic Liquid Fertilizer for Sustainable Agricultural Growth”


• Wondime Seife Tadele-South Africa/Ethiopia, a visionary and the finest REAL HUMAN BEING I know;

• Wondim HaileAB Meresa-Ethiopia, a visionary to bring Peace & Green change through Echo Peace & Green Lodges

• Wondim Bruk Tamirat (The Spirit of God’s Miracle), a visionary who sees others vision who is my Sheppard I follow. One of the many I see who will bring a Peace and Green change based on Humanity & Spirituality and using technology.

• Wondim, my friend Gashe Abera Mola-Ethiopia, an Ethiopian brother I admire the most from home, DC. to HOME, here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. A pioneer in bringing communities mobilization and awareness of Green Living to Ethiopia

Here is my message to my Peace & Green, Fair Trade & Social Justice and Humanity & Spirituality partners, guides, supporters, advocates, teachers, students, planners, advocates and fellow Universal Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Nationhood, Continental, Global One Human Family and YOU the reader, I want to hear to learn from.

This is me the son of Ethiopian parents who were former slave and farmers holders (Setegn, a Freed Slave who refused to leave us who thought me how to ride a horse), and myself NOW A FREE- SLAVE from my own Self-Prison mind of anger, fear, hatred, greed, sexism, racism, fascism and confusion who is refusing to hate, resent, fear, steal and cheat but rather MADE PEACE WITH MYSELF, GOD & HUMANITY AND LOVE, CARE, SHARE, APOLOGIZE, FORGIVE AND RESPECT ALL GOD’S (ALLAH’S) CHILDREN EVEN THOSE WHO CAUSED ME HARM AND CONTINUE TO DO SO, SO I BECOME FREE WHO WORSHIP GOD IN ALL HUMAN  BEINGS, RESPCT ALL AND MONEY BUT NEVER WORSHIP MONEY AS I AM ME IN ME, THE “I AM” NOT THE HOUSE I LIVE IN, THE CAR I DRIVE, THE CLOTH I WEAR OR MONEY IN MY POCKET NOR ANY RELIGION, POLITICS OR KNOWLEDGE I MAY HAVE BUT THE “I AM” IN ME AS ALL HUMAN BEINGS JUST LIKE YOU, THE “I AM”, YOU IN YOU, GOD & NATURE IN YOU, YOU IN ME AND “I AM” IN YOU-“UBUNTU BANTU”

According the way I understood the Bible, God had a Vision and a Concept for Adam & Eve, Peace & Green (Natural Living)- for all men and women to Live in Peace, Love in the Heart, in Faith, Hope, Care, Share, Compassion, Respect and Forgiveness.

In today’s era of knowledge and technology, I believe God’s vision for us must be Peace & Green (Bio, Organic & Fish Farming, Wind Mill and Green Technologies Living) we at PGIA want to do and live by were by we want your support of sharing with us your knowledge, wisdom, skills and know-how so TOGETHER so WE DO OUR PART to bring Peace & Green Changes to Africa, America and the world at large, our home, Planet Earth on the WRONG PATH on a “Bridge to No Where”

All God’s children Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Prophet Mohammed, Toa, Osho all the way to MLK, The King (had a dream) to Mandela, Bob Marley all had vision of their own so were the Wright brothers, Galileo, Socrates, Albert Einstein, Edison, Bill Gate, Steve Jobs, the two Japanese Americans of Japan (‘ጃፓን እንዴት ሰለጠነች’ “How Japan Become Civilized” by Ethiopian Author and translator Ato Kebede Michael), the founding fathers of USA and OUA/AU for Peace, Just and One United Africa.

I am sure you have yours and even me have one, Peace, Safe, Fair, Just, One Human Family, Green and Humanity and Spirituality World for ALL people of skin shades, eye colors, lip and hip sizes, faith, birth place, social status and wants.

Though I am color blind medically and spiritually (NOW I LOVE, FORGIVE AND SEE MY SELF AND ALL HUMAN BEINGS AS MY ONE HUMAN FAMILY SO I AM FREE) to see me and all human beings not in their colors, faith, birth places, their HUMAN MADNESS of Anger, Fear, Hatred, Greed, Racism, Sexism, Fascism and Confusion nor their income, education, conditioning, their social status, their cars, shoes, number of spoons, silver wear nor their clothes or their “Man Made, Cloned Designer Dogs” but spirits in bodies (TEMPLES OF GOD, I LOVE, RESPECT, TRY TO PROTECT & BOW FOR).

I do not have a dream like the King, the man of God & Peace but a clear vision that not long from now, I will see as I SEE NOW, more REAL HUMAN BEINGS of my ONE HUMAN FAMILY who’s want is as mine, LEAVING A PEACE, SAFE, FAIR, JUST & GREEN WORLD FOR OUR CHILDREN AND CHILDREN’S CHILDREN).

Along my long journey of searching for God (Allah), Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness, Myself ALL, I found in myself, ME, THE “I AM”, now I know when I see you I see God, Joy, Happiness, YOU, the Sun, the Moon, the Fire, the Cosmic universe in YOU regardless whether you are on your HIGHER SELF OF LIVING GOD LIKE OF PEACE, LOVE, CARE, SHARE, RESPECT, COMPASSION & FORGIVENESS TRAVELING  ON THE HIGH ROAD or traveling  on your low road of anger, fear, disrespect, hatred, bitterness, resenting, greed, fanatic about religions, politics, materials, sport, civilization, GMO & Hormone grown and induced foods, plastic, cement and concrete living, the very reason I chose to live by the choice God gave me like YOU and all human beings that is to travel on the high road seeking and living the life of Peace Making, Love, Faith in God, Hope, Respect for God’s, Man’s and Natural Laws, Social Justice, Apology, Forgiveness, Green (Natural) Living marrying more of Peace & Green Makers, advocates, teachers, and fellow travelers of the highest spirits running away, divorcing from my own brothers and sisters who are travelling on their Low Road, Loving, Respecting, Wishing them Best and Praying for them that one day soon they be awaken.


My long journey from the High land of Ethiopia to the Black Hills of America, from inner cities of America to Capitol Hill of Washington DC., as member of grassroots, communities and civil societies has given me the chance to have met and worked and still working with many now, with great Black Africans, Ethiopians and others and my many White and Black American wondimoche (brothers) and Ehetoche (sisters) brother elder Mr. Ron Evans & brother Malcolm Beech of NBL(National Business League of Booker T. Washington), wondime Melvin Hardy (Mel), my Peace Making mentor and leader, wondime Aklile H Mariam, my Ethiopian brother, a man of Peace, Love, Care, Give back and Forgiveness who is my Peace and Green Technology leader, ehete MAR (Honey) Margaret, my one human family, the spirit of Oneness & Togetherness and my other head, brother Stan Cottrell Jr. a man of Peace and the heart for orphans, my Peace and Green Ethiopian team, guides, supporters and leaders all of who are visionaries for whom I have created a Peace, Green & Social Visionaries Club here;                                                                                                

These are my brothers and sisters who I see a Peace, Green and Social Visionaries along the millions out there will bring a Real Peace, Green and Social Peaceful, Utopian Universal Change making an impact on how we as human beings see each other, for each other by each other (WE BY WE FOR WE) and the environment.

I hope you the reader will add to this list any one you know whom you think a Peace, Green and Social Change Maker for the New Beginning Peace and Green, Fair Trade & Social Justice and Humanity & Spirituality Holy Global

In case of Africa, Africa and Ethiopia I here dedicate my story to all God’s children from the past, current and in the future who followed and lived their vision whatever what the outcome be.

As I a Peace Maker & Humanity & Spiritual Seer and someone who has my own many faults and errors, I have no time to look into the faults of others but see the goodness in them.

I dedicate my story to all people of Ethiopia from the past and current at home all over the Diaspora, Ethiopian farmers in particular, all Ethiopian government leaders from the time of Menlik all the way H.I.M (His Imperial Majesty II, emperor of Ethiopia)-R.I.P, President Mengistu Haile Mariam, H.E PM Melese Zenawi (R.I.P) and current Ethiopian leadership and members of the Ethiopian opposition parties, Ras Teferians at home here in Ethiopia and worldwide and fellow Black Africans who stood by Ethiopia and still do, I AM VERY SURE SPECIALLY NOW and leaders like Kwame Nkrumah, the people of the United States of America and leaders like President Kennedy (R.I.P), Ethiopia’s friend, MLK, Booker T. Washington and all other people of Peace Making, Social Justice, Humanity & Spirituality and Green Living, Ethiopia’s historical friends, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Sweden and USA.

We blame nor shame no one from the past or current African, US and other nations leaders, corporations, oil companies, MONSANTOS and the likes, we just Love, Respect, Forgive and Pro Peace, Pro Social Justice, Pro Equal Pay for Equal Work, Pro God’s & Natural laws, Pro Basic Knowledge & Science, Pro Man and Women Equal Marriages, Pro Green Living based on the Principles of Humanity and Spirituality, Peace Making, Harmony and Reconciliation with the Self, God, Humanity, Spirituality & Nature, Peace Economy and Peace Living Dividend as the undergirding  foundation, the genesis and impetus of our vision for Africa and the world LEARNING FROM CHILDREN AND TEACHING CHILDREN ABOUT PEACE, GREEN AND NATURAL LIVING.
Peace, Love, Care, Share, Respect, Tolerance, Green & Natural Living can be thought to children at early ages so children teach their parents.

To be continued…..(I hope you help me in listing young people around the world who are into Peace Making, Social Justice and Green Living.

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision”

“Listen to your inner genius. Those who do, often end up changing the world”

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got. -Albert Einstein
“If you want something in your life you’ve never had, you’ll have to do something, you have’ve never done.”-Ds Houston

You must know “The general population doesn’t know what’s happening, and it doesn’t know that it doesn’t know.”-Noam

We “Hold the vision” and we “Trust the Process”

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision”

Visionaries are those who see others vision.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you. then you win.-Mahatma Gandhi

I”Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead.

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds” says Albert Einstein

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.
“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” Ellie Weasel
“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”-Mark Twain

“Giving birth and nourishing, having without possessing, acting with no expectations, leading and not trying to control; this is the supreme virtue.”

Leaders and winners are those who create more leaders and winners, it been said. So my friends let join hands to create more Peace and Green leaders and winners.
“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only once.”-George RR Martin
“We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.”
“We are not past processed but forward focused.”
Please never forget that, “In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, (EVEN IF WE HAVE NO ENEMIES) but the silence of our friends.”-MLK, the King
“The journey of a thousand miles starts from beneath your feet”


Please remember that “This is Our Moment & this is Our Time”

PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER IN T.E.A.M (“Together Everyone Achieves More) WORK.

I know as I am sure as you do too many wishful people but if you are a visionary, committed and currently taking steps to do your part as those I have listed above and will continue to do to bring a Peace, Just and Green Revolution, please join us so we can do all we can to support you so you can support us too to translate our shared and collective wisdom and vision for a Peace, Safe, Fair, Just and Green world based on our common humanity & our spirituality respecting everyone religion, politics, flags and vision.

I do not know about you all, me my religion, politics, vision and my calling is faith in God, Humanity, Spirituality, the Power of the Goodness of people , basic and natural living and science (bio farming)…
Gashe Tamiru Degefa, a father, a community servant, a fair trade, social justice, peace & green living and humanity & Spirituality seeker, who A.S.Ks and BEGs.

I am not afraid to A.S.K (Ask, Seek and Knock) and not afraid or face anyone to BEG for Peace, Fair Trade, Social Justice and Green initiative committed, visionaries and leaders I believed in and our works in Africa, America and word wide, now FOCUSING ON ETHIOPIA, THE MOTHERLAND OF ALL HUMANITY, CULTURAL HERITAGES & SPIRITUALITY.

Founder of Merkato USA (The first Ethiopian Retail, Mail Order and Wholesale small business in North America, Ethiopian/African Image (Failed Vision) , (On line), publisher of The Taste of Ethiopia-The Other Good Food, co-founder and USA/Africa coordinator of PGIA (USA), Peace, Fair Trade, Green, Humanity & Spirituality advocate, who for example be a shoe shiner as a fund raiser which is catching up to show humility, respect for work and advocate having children to teach parents how to live in peace and plant trees, the poor to raise fund themselves (One ETB a day-$1 US Mighty Dollar is equivalent 20 ETB) AS THERE IS NO POVERTY IN AFRICA ONLY POOR MINDS AMONGST THE RICH AND THE EDUCATED and “The Lords of Poverty” in one of the richest continent on planet earth.


With your help One US Dollar a Year, we can have a “Proof of Concept” , our vision of eradicating Poverty of the Minds in Africa, America and worldwide.

Gashe Tamiru Degefa

Peace and Green Initiative for Africa-PGIA (Washington DC. USA)

Vision: To be the leading institution in Africa for Peace Making Education and Green Living (Bio & Organic Farms, LEED Certified Buildings, and Green Technologies)

FB: https://

Google +:

…for Our Children and Children’s Children and Peace and Greening Africa and Peace, Safe, Just and Green Planet Earth…


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